Lace & Slay!

Lace & Slay!

Hey girlfriend get slayed with lace!!  Let’s drop a little tea about lace products.

Trying new products can sometimes be scary, but the lace world will definitely ignite your hair with some much-needed transformation that will ultimately make you extremely gorgeous and sexy to rock that beautiful lace. Here at Shika & Co., we are so excited to share some knowledge about the journey of getting laced and slaaaayyyyyyyed! Before we dive into the differences of closure and frontals in our next blog, lets first dive into lace closures. 

Every woman wants their hair to look natural as if it were their own. GREAT news for you, lace products will allow you to achieve that natural look with a natural hairline underneath your install. To take it a step further, every woman wants the ability to change their hairstyles frequently. I have more GREAT news for you. Lace allows you to be more versatile with your look. Rather if its straight, curled, half up/half down, pinned to side, lace will allow you to express your inner Diva. 

So, let’s Blend in....

Closure Lace Types

There are two different lace closures that are most popular and trending today. The first is Swiss lace and the second is HD lace. Swiss lace is thicker while HD lace is thin and fragile. Because Swiss is thicker, it is known to last longer, and HD is known to give women a more "melted" and natural look. Women typically replace HD frequently because of the thinness. HD is known to be better and can be more costly.

Lace Color

There are two shades for Swiss lace. The shades are medium brown and transparent. At Shika & Co. Extensions, we sell Swiss transparent lace. Transparent lace is more versatile. HD lace does not have shades, it can match no matter the skin tone of the woman. The lace you choose is definitely your preference. 


Lace closures can come in different dimensions such as 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6. Any woman can typically adjust to any size closure. The preference depends on how much parting room space you would like on your install. Shika & Co. Extensions sells 4x4 closures. 

Ready to Lace & Slay?

After reading this, still wondering if lace is right for you? OF COURSE, GIRLFRIEND. It’s time to protect your hair and edges and give your hair a true transformation. Lace is at a high demand so don't miss out. Head over to www.shikacoextensions.com and purchase our beautiful soft and silky 4X4 closures. Don't forget to add our soft and silky bundles. Women typically order 2-3 bundles to compliment their closures. The number of bundles depends on the fullness of the look that you are trying to achieve.  Girlfriend don’t forget to drop those BOMB photos of you slaying those lace closures. Please tag us in your next hair slay on Instagram @shikacoextensions.